Partial rules of engagement?

Yesterday, I had a friend over claiming he had very important things to discuss with me. The “somethings” turned out to be two unrelated things, at least according to him, but most likely related.

I’m not an expert in relationship matters, so, I only listened to the guy for a while, and when things started getting tricky, like at the point when the guy’s eyes started watering, I sent for some beers to give him courage to face his situation. Frankly, there is no situation at all, but, we all cant see things the same way, can we?

The guy’s issue was this he thought his girlfriend was cheating on him because she thought he was cheating on her. A quagmire of sorts, to be sure. Did he have proof she was cheating, no? Was he cheating? Now thats where he started being unclear, trying to evade my question.

Since I’m not a detective, I didn’t insist and in the end, he never really answered the question, he only didn’t tell me outright he was cheating.
So, why did he thing she was cheating? It all started when he found his girl going through his phone.

She quickly put it back, but he had already seen her. And the look she gave him was not one of some one caught snooping, but “I think you are up to something dirty, and I will find out”.
So, was there anything “dirty” in his phone? Again, he dodged my question. For the next three or so weeks, she would listen in on all his calls, and he is sure she would go through his phone whenever he didn’t have it on him.

And she was acting really fishy. The, about three weeks ago, she suddenly stopped. She just stopped everything, and put a screen lock on her phone. Why was he checking her phone? “Ahh, just checking, you know…” Again evasive maneuvers.
Then, she started getting weird calls at weird hours of the night.

How does he define weird? Those calls where the answers are very brief, and you feel something is going on…

The same type of calls you were getting the time she started suspecting you of cheating? Again, he became evasive. Thats the point when I sent for the beers. This did not constitute an emergency on my part if you are thinking of cheating, factor in the possibility of being cheated on too. Its a basic rule of thumb, fellas.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor