Panama Resumes International Flights Nearly Seven Months After Imposing COVID-19 Restrictions?

International flights are arriving and departing Panama's Tocumen airport again after nearly seven months of restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Monday's restart of flight operations is part of a gradual nationwide reopening of businesses and industry which began in June.

Initially, seven international airlines are expected to operate, with four others set to resume operations later this week.

According to Raffoul Arab, Tocumen International Airport manager, the reactivation of commercial aviation will happen gradually as the different countries complete the opening of their borders. The frequency of flights will increase, especially when people recover their confidence in flying.

International travelers must submit a negative COVID-19 test before boarding flights to the Central American country.

Panama has confirmed more than 120,000 coronavirus cases of coronavirus and at least 2,491 deaths.

Source: Voice of America


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