Pallaso On Sheebah, Violence and Prison

Musician Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso has been portrayed as a bad man: he beats up people (Mowzey Radio), beats up women (mbu he was jailed in the USA for beating the mother of his children) and steals his brother’s (Weasel) women (Sheebah) while keeping his old woman (eh!)

Quick Talk spoke to him about this and others.

That’s a huge cross you are wearing.

I am close to God.


I am.

Pallaso, so you are Godly! What is your favourite hymn?

I don’t know its title but it goes like this [singing] Katonda Yezu Omwagalwa. I don’t go to church because of my busy schedule, but I prayerful.

Hahaha, unbelievable! Away from that, Pius is a nice name. Why did you rename yourself Pallaso?

It means a joke in Spanish [Payaso in Spanish means clown, comedian or joker.] When I was starting out, everybody thought I was a joke that I wouldn’t manage. I was told to try other things.


Yes. These days when someone tells me “I admire you Pallaso”, I think, “Uhm you are admiring the joke”. The joke is now serious. [Laughs]

You must enjoy being famous. What do you like about it?

Finally, I’m able to meet my family’s and friends’ needs. I’m in more control of my life.

Do you dislike anything about it?

The pressure to have a hit. Also, people think it is ok for them to make mistakes but you can’t, yet I’m far from perfect. People hold the blade by your mouth when you are in the limelight.

You are a buff guy. What food do you enjoy?


How about alcohol?

Red Label. It keeps me going.

What is your favourite colour?


Red, the colour of passion and chaos. Why are you chaotic?

[Giving Quick Talk a shocked and hurt look] Chaotic?

Uh-huh! You reportedly picked fights with your brother (Weasel) and his colleague Radio, vandalised his home [and stole his supposed girlfriend, Sheebah].

Of course they are bigger artistes so, their word goes further. But did you see me on TV when they showed their vandalised home and they were on the police truck? That story was designed to [taint] Pallaso. [He talks about Weasel being a bad boy who does not like to see others succeed. Whew! This Mzee Mayanja, father to Chameleone, Weasel and Pallaso, must be a sad man… ]

Really? Are you dating Sheebah, by the way?


Which Ugandan musician do you enjoy?

Elly Wamala.

Oh! Which one’s butt would you want to tap?

[Gives Quick Talk a bad look] I don’t know. I was not raised like that. My mind is deeper than that. I don’t think about that. [Sheebah meanwhile, is unhappy about Pallaso being asked such questions. In a very passionate tone, she quarrels at Quick Talk: “What kind of question is that? Tap a musician’s butt? Is that even allowed? Those are bad manners.”

Earlier, she had dropped in on the interview, which takes place at NTV, to say, “Eh, nga you people have talked for so long.” Not to call Pallaso a liar, but Sheebah sure was acting like they are an item!]

What kind of underwear do you like on a woman, by the way?

Underwear? [Shakes head unhappily] I’m really not that kind of person. I’ve never thought about it. I actually appreciate fully-clothed women. [Says something about all his girlfriends having been Muslims.]

Why do you wear dreadlocks? Sorry, I am taking you back to first impressions.

I’ve had my hair for three years. I grew it at a time when everything was frustrating me. The hair also says strength. Samson [in the Bible] had long hair. Jesus also had locks.

He did?

Yes. There is a Bible verse that says he did.

Uh! Where?

Yes, let me show you. [Googles but fails to show Quick Talk the exact verse].

[We won’t be finding that verse so, we move on:] If a biography about you were to be written, what title would you want for it?

African Tears. I never really appreciated being African until I went to America.

Was your experience as an African in the US bad?

Yes. Some parts are bad while others are good.

Sorry. Who would you want to write your biography?

Me. Nobody knows my story more than I do.

Oooh. If you were allowed to keep one memory, which one would you keep?

I think it is the feeling when I first got released from prison, on April 4, 2010.

For how long had you been in prison?

Since 2002.

Oh, sorry. What had you done?

[Refuses to say, but alludes to his race doing him in]

I hear you had beaten your girlfriend [with whom he has two biological children and one adopted child].

I don’t beat women, in fact, I don’t beat people, period. Unless I am pushed. [Haha, that means you beat up people, Pallaso].

Oh well, that’s it for today. Thank you for your time.

Source : The Observer

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