Pablo, Queens of Comedy crack up National Theatre

When the jokes fail to make the audience laugh, a comedian will do just about anything to break the silence, including somersaulting on stage. Perhaps the sight of a woman doing this was funny, and managed to send the crowd into a roar. This was Comediene Kobusheshe’s act at the Pablo Live show that this time featured home comedians Queens of Comedy at the National Theatre.

Kobusheshe also cracked the ribs of the audience with her story about her experiences on coming to Kampala, including that gross one of drinking water from the toilet.
The comedians were on top of their game, both funny and entertaining. Pablo can create a joke out of anything. He cracked the crowd with a joke about surviving the tough economic times, (kawu) that he faced during his high school days.
“My grandmother used to give me millet to carry to school as grab, while the rest of the students spent their money taking milk. I saved my millet for the hard times at school. When kawu hit, I took it, grinded it and then sold it to the students, a spoonful going for Shs100. As the rest of the students took porridge, I took milk tea,” he joked.

Cotilda Inapo rattled the crowd with the Ssemikolo tendencies of the president, where he is chief guest at every occasion, including the recent circumcision exercise.
Comedian and also Kfm presenter, Veronica Tindichebwa aka Tindi, closed the night with her act mimicking the Acholi as she reduced the revellers to tears. She showed linguistic mastery and style in her act. The queens of comedy tried their best to live up to their billing.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor