Open letter to President Museveni (Daily Monitor (Uganda))

Your Excellency,
Prior to my departure from the United Kingdom in response to your request for my service to the people of Uganda, my beloved country, I did enjoy your fatherly interactions and wise counsel.
I was employed in the Ministry of Finance, first as a senior consultant and advisor to the minister in charge of Microfinance and later as Commissioner for Microfinance. This fruitful relationship lingered until my unlawful arrest by a group of police from Kireka special investigation unit on February 25, 2014.
I have since been incarcerated in Luzira prison. I wrote several letters to you, Mr President, without receiving any response from you and so I concluded that either you did not receive the letters.
I do not by any manner claim perfection in life, for before the almighty God none is perfect, except by amazing grace through Jesus Christ whom I confess and preach to all mankind, that we are counted righteous.
I must empathetically state that my incarceration in Luzira prison is unconnected with any crime whatsoever, hence unlawful. I could never indulge myself in human trafficking.
I look forward to your kindest consideration for an appointment to explain in details what transpired in my situation.
I worked without my salary/ consultancy fees paid for three years and seven month in the Finance ministry as a senior consultant and advisor to the minister in charge of Microfinance (1/9/2009 to 28/2/2013) and it is unpaid to date.
This did not deter me from effective delivery of my service. This unlawful incarceration has decimated me and my strength is wanting. My family is grappling with financial difficulties and psychological torture. As a result, my children are malnourished, sickly and some are out of school. In addition, most of my properties have been looted during my incarceration in prison.
Reasoning that I am still your obedient, loyal and bonafide son, I pledge for my freedom so that I may render effective contribution at this critical moment in Uganda’s financial history when my service is highly indispensible.
I pray for your kindest consideration.

Dr Adea is ex-commissioner – Microfinance, Ministry of Finance who is currently on remand at Luzira maximum security prison


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