Odonga Otto shakes up Opposition ranks again

Folks in the Opposition seem troubled by the manner in which their colleague, Aruu MP Samuel Odonga Otto is conducting himself lately.
Last week, as the Opposition put up a spirited fight to block the passage of the KCCA budget on grounds that it was irregularly compiled without the input of the Lord Mayor while also raising a red flag over the multi-billion shilling purchase of Usafi Market, Mr Otto sprung a surprise.

He shot up on a point of order as Masaka Municipality MP Mathias Mpuuga, who authored a minority report on the crisis at KCCA, was waxing lyrical about how City Hall has gone to the dogs. Mpuuga thought Otto would back up his submission. He was mistaken!
“Should we close shop, stop the KCCA, not pay tax traffic officers because the Lord Mayor is not in office?” Mr Otto asked, much to the bewilderment of his colleagues.

MP Mpuuga, a wordsmith in his own right, shot back that Mr Otto was a victim of a “late lunch,” having trooped into the House in the course of proceedings. He also suggested that Otto’s submission was “micro”.
When the ruling party exploited their numerical aantage and passed the budget, the Leader of Opposition afula Oguttu led an Opposition walk-out which Otto defied and stayed behind.
The 37- year-old has not been in the mood to sing from the same hymn book with his colleagues since a February reshuffle nominated him for the Internal Affairs docket on the Shadow cabinet – an appointment he publicly rejected.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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