Observer Locker – Mixed Feelings As European Transfer Window Winds Up

Like most football fans, without sparing the locker-room, the player transfer deadline activity kept many on tenterhooks, as it elated and disappointed many in equal measure…

Atusimiire: Eyi, this Wenger man naye. How could he buy a Man-Utd reject?

Nsimbe: Which Man-Utd reject are you talking about? In Luganda they normally say that to reciprocate a favour is to show good spirit. After giving United RVP, they’ve given you Welbeck.

Atusimiire: This Welbeck fellow, is it? Honestly what did Wenger see in him?

Lumu: Sincerely, I have also failed to understand what Wenger has seen in Welbeck.

Nsimbe: Wenger probably sees potential and therefore, couldn’t let that chance pass.

Eupal: I hope that Arsenal hasn’t just gone into panic buying and ended up getting a Kiwani.

Yiga: These Arsenal people have surely knocked. Welbeck? Hahahahaha……

Kiyonga: But why don’t you concentrate on Liverpool and let Arsenal be?

Atusimiire: I was watching the Chelsea-Everton game, and all I could hear was Fabregas’ name. I wonder why Wenger didn’t bring back such players instead.

Kimbowa: He thought Welbeck was better.

Mugalu: I can clearly see that Arsenal fans are very upset now.

Kabuye: Haven’t you seen Kiyonga? He is so quiet and bitter.

Eupal: Kiyonga is so annoyed that Wenger bought Welbeck instead of Radamel Falcao.

Nsimbe: I thought you Arsenal people always say that “in Wenger you trust”, so what changed?

Kiyonga: For me, more than anything, I am worried that we haven’t strengthened in defence and in defensive midfield.

Nsimbe: What is wrong with Mathieu Flamini?

Kiyonga: Flamini was being killed by Leicester.

Kiggundu: How did you expect Wenger to sign any top player when he was coaching a charity match?

Kiyonga: That is shallow thinking Kiggundu. A coach isn’t the one who runs about to sign players.

Kiggundu: Haha……but seriously, think about it.

Kiyonga: I am hurt that Wenger left Loic Remy and Falcao for Shabba Ranks.

Kiggundu: But you also chose to ignore a top player like Balotelli.

Kiyonga: But I hope it has just been a problem of the Cleverleys failing to create for Welbeck.

Muheki: Who is this Wembley guy Arsenal has signed?

Kiyonga: It isn’t Wembley. He is called Welbeck.

Muheki: But Welbeck is a fantastic signing by Arsenal. A typical Arsenal player.

Kiggundu: By the way, as a Liverpool fan, I am really scared of the Arsenal attack. It is so potent with Welbeck. hahaha

Muheki: Welbeck is going to be the next Thierry Henry. Wenger knows how to develop players.

Kiyonga: If the best isn’t available, what is available becomes the best.

Mwesigwa: Believe it or not, Man-Utd is going to kill people now that Falcao has come.

Source : The Observer

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