NRM denies blocking Mao from nominations


The NRM has dismissed allegations by the Democratic Party (DP) president, Mr Norbert Mao, that NRM had a hand in blocking his nomination last Wednesday.

The Electoral Commission (EC) blocked Mr Mao’s nomination for Gulu municipality parliamentary seat, arguing that he is not a registered voter.

The DP president then accused the EC of playing in the hands of the NRM, whose flag bearer he says, he knows he is likely to beat to the seat.

However, while addressing a press conference on Friday, NRM General Secretary Kasule Lumumba said Mr Mao shouldn’t blame NRM, arguing that ample time was given to people to register for national voters’ identity cards.

“My friend Mao owes his party an apology for being irresponsible because failing to secure himself a national identity card shows that he wasn’t ready to contest, yet he knew that this would be a gate pass to either voting or vying for any political post. He has not only ashamed himself but also his family and fellow politicians. He cannot therefore attribute his irresponsibility to NRM yet it’s him who made a mistake,” Ms Lumumba said.

The EC spokesperson, Mr Jotham Taremwa, at the time Mr Mao was blocked from nomination, said he (Mao) might not have registered during the EC’s additional voter – and the mass – registration for national identity cards.

He added that the EC had since dropped using the voters’ cards.

Mr Mao acknowledged that he did not register for the ID, saying he was bed-ridden when the government conducted the exercise.

He said when he turned to Gen Aronda Nyakairima, the minister of Internal Affairs (RIP) to help him, he told him he would be travelling to South Korea and promised to help Mr Mao on his return. However, Gen Nyakairima died abroad.

Meanwhile, Ms Lumumba further revealed that they are still negotiating with UPC’s Jimmy Akena to solicit support from his party members who have not yet declared their support for NRM.

She told also stated that nine NRM candidates will run unopposed, stressing that this should show the nation that the ruling regime is still strong. She said that these candidates only await swearing in because they have already won.


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