No nation thrives on science alone

Mahatma Gandhi’s reflections on what he called the seven deadly sins: politics without principle pleasure without conscience wealth without work knowledge without character business without morality science without humanity and worship without sacrifice, continue to haunt us. For a while now, we’ve endured President Museveni’s rubbishing of Arts courses as producing unemployable graduates, a people who according to him, can’t solve national problems but are always saying ‘we’re thinking’ and he wonders what they are thinking!
Human actions reflect their internal mental processes. The ability to think rationally isn’t a common endowment – it’s an art everyone ought to develop. I appreciate that some people’s thinking patterns require purging as we witness errors even in the very institutions where policies necessary for national transformation ought to be designed. Our subjective, often selfish personal opinions should never superimpose objective universal truths. In the quest for national development, both Arts and sciences are functional partners!
Science, although critical to national development, should be based on the principles of humanities. How do you otherwise explain highly educated scientists who fail to efficiently run affairs of their families? Arts teach theology, culture and creativity. Which nation or person will thrive without these?
Patrick Katagata,

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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