‘NGO cash killing democracy’

The chairman of Democratic Party Youth League in Kalangala, Mr Adrian Matovu, has said non-governmental organisations are frustrating democracy and development using money.

Mr Matovu said it was wrong for NGOs to give transport and lunch allowances to people who attend their functions.
He was making a presentation during an NGO forum meeting in Kalangala Town early this week.

“Now the result is whenever we invite people to come for meetings, even when the meetings are about development and for their own good, they demand for money for lunch and transport refunds. When we say we don’t have the money they opt not to attend,” Mr Matovu said.

However, Mr Fred Wandera, the manager, Kalangala Action Aid, dismissed the claim, saying there was need for Mr Matovu to substantiate his claim.
“Those claiming should identify which NGOs are doing such things because as far as I know, there is no NGO providing transport refund,” he said.

“We don’t have money to throw around. Some refunds are made in very few specific cases like when special invitation have been sent out to some people whom we know could have transport difficulties,” he added.


Seeking for solutions. The meeting, which sought to find ways through which NGOs can work with politicians to develop their communities, was attended by the Bundibugyo deputy RDC, Elias Nuwagaba Kateeba, RDC Lwengo, Christopher Kalemba and religious leaders, among others.


SOURCE: Daily Monitor