New Firm to Boost Internet Services

The optic fibre company Seacom has opened shop in Kampala, after it received Uganda Communications Commission’s endorsement.

Seacom announced its entry at Serena hotel last week. It has set up a point of presence (PoP) at Airtel house in Kampala – where it can connect devices to the internet. Byron Clatterbuck, Seacom’s chief commercial officer, said the company would offer various telecom services.

“Our new licence allows us to own and operate our network all the way between Kampala and our international network. This will help bring more global connectivity to Uganda while improving the quality of the broadband experience for Ugandans,” Clatterbuck said.

Through these connections, Uganda would have more direct access to global communications interconnection points and the global internet, the company said. The licence also gives Seacom the right to operate as a network vendor to other service providers like telecom companies and data service operators, among others.

Undersea cable data transmission provides a faster and lower-cost internet link to the end-user. Nyombi Thembo, the minister of state for ICT, said companies like Seacom would go a long way in helping Uganda implement a number of ICT-related initiatives, including the National Data Transmission Backbone Infrastructure (NBI) and the Electronic Government Infrastructure (EGI).

Source : The Observer

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