NCS says UOC officials in office are illegal

NCS chairman Onyik (middle), Galiwango in white shirt and Muramagi at the conference

National Council of Sports (NCS) has announced that it does not recognize the current executive committee of Uganda Olympic Committee.

This is because the executive was not rightly voted into office in the purported Uganda Olympic Committee elections last Saturday25th January, 2017.

While addressing a media press conference over UOC defiance NCS chairman Bosco Onyik said that the decision is because UOC went against their instruction to halt the elections.

Onyik was flanked at the press conference by his vice chairman technical Zubir Galiwango and the general secretary Nicholas Muramagi among other officials.

He said that the elections are null and void.

NCS board members addressing the press in Lugogo

Onyik said that the Rugby Union, Rowing Association, Shooting Sports Federation, Table Tennis (under Jagwe), Weightlifting, Wrestling, Fencing, Gymnastics and Equestrian associations should not have constituted the UOC General Assembly because they are not recognized as national sports bodies.

Therefore the UOC General Assembly was not lawfully constituted since it comprised of non-registered entities to manage sports in Uganda.

Whilst NCS was not opposed to the Elective General Assembly of the UOC, we wish to note that Electoral process should have been conducted in a fair and lawful manner, given the fact that the law is very clear on the non-complaint Sports Associations.

I t was against this against this background that NCS wrote to UOC on 25th January, 2017, notifying them of the various irregularities in he electoral process, and also suspending the elections of the UOC that was meant to take place on Saturday 28th January 2017.

Source: National Council for Sports


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