PRETORIA-- The National Executive Committee (NEC), the top decision-making body of the African National Congress (ANC), South Africa's ruling party, is holding a special meeting here to address a number of issues.

President Cyril Ramaphosa was seen earlier Sunday morning arriving at the hotel to attend this special NEC meeting, the first to be held since he took pver as Head of State from former president Jacob Zuma on Feb 15 and speculation is rife that a possible Cabinet reshuffle is on the cards following pressure from civil society and political parties.

However, ANC Spokesperson Pule Mabe said the special NEC meeting, which is expected to last two day, will not discuss the Cabinet reshuffle nor will it discuss the appointment of the country's deputy president.

Topping the agenda, he added, is the establishment of the NEC sub-committees as laid out in the constitution of the ANC.

Now we are going back to the NEC to resolve some of the issues that we did not resolve. One of those is to deal with the establishment of NEC sub-committees, these committees are necessary to allow the NEC to execute its mandate as bestowed to it by the 54th national conference, he said.

During the meeting, NEC members are expected to give feedback on their interaction with structures following former President Zuma's resignation as head of State. The NEC has 80 members in addition to the top six leaders -- president, deputy president, chairman, secretary-general, deputy sercretary-general and treasurer-general.

Last week, NEC members were dispatched across the country to explain their decision to recall Zuma as President of the country to the various structures of the party. Ramaphosa has since been sworn in as the President of the republic.

The NEC meeting is expected to receive feedback on their interaction with the structures. The NEC is also expected to elect chairpersons of sectorial sub-committees.

Whilst the Cabinet reshuffle remains the prerogative of the President, consultations with the members may also arise. President Ramaphosa is yet to appoint his deputy.


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