Nahouri/Commune de Ziou: The functional Guelwongo bus station

The High Commissioner of the province of Nahouri, Auguste Kinda, proceeded on June 03, 2023, on behalf of the Governor of the Center-South region, to the commissioning of the Guelwongo bus station.

Worth approximately 184,853,904 CFA francs, this infrastructure, financed by the Support Program for the Development of Local Economies (PADEL), was built on an area of 10,000 m2.

The president of the special delegation of Ziou, Salam Marané, whose municipality carried the project, praised the real value of the realization of this infrastructure which will contribute to boost the development of the municipality by the improvement of its own revenues.

The PADEL program manager, Arouna Ouattara, was delighted with the effective commissioning of this bus station.

For Narcisse Sia, representing the sponsor, Robert Sia, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of IDEALE Mineral Water, this bus station will arouse great support from the populations of the surrounding municipalities and that of the neighboring country of Ghana.

He wished that the communal authorities continue the developments because the Guelwongo market being a major crossroads and a center of exchanges, will allow the populations to flourish and fight against poverty.

Mr. Sia, made the commitment as son of the locality with the other actors, to appropriate and maintain the work.

The High Commissioner of the province of Nahouri, indicated that the realization of this important infrastructure meets one of the objectives of the government namely to reduce poverty.

The ceremony was attended by administrative and communal authorities as well as a strong Ghanaian delegation.

These different personalities came to support the initiative of the municipality and to encourage the actors involved in the field of transport.

Before the start of the ceremony, the customary authorities blessed the place and pledged to support the management committee with advice and blessings.

The newly opened bus station includes a waiting hall, made up of ticket offices and offices, a 6-post VIP latrine plus 2 showers, an entry and exit gate, an entry and exit gate.

In addition, there is a fence, a car park, an administration, 10 shops and a road with a boarding platform.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

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