Nahouri/CCP: The security situation on the menu of the debates

The members of the Provincial Consultation Framework (CCP) of Nahouri discussed the security situation, during their first ordinary for the year 2023, on Thursday, May 11, 2023 in Pô, under the presidency of the High Commissioner, Auguste Kinda.

Since 2019, the province of Nahouri has been the target of terrorist groups and robberies in almost all the municipalities of the province.

It is with this in mind that the members of the Nahouri Provincial Consultation Framework (CCP) initiated on Thursday, May 11, 2023, in Pô, their first ordinary session of the year 2023, through themes relating to the security crisis for a return to peace in Burkina Faso.

For the high commissioner of the province and president of the CCP, Auguste Kinda, the meetings are favorable spaces for exchanges and experiences between decentralized rural development actors, with a view to harmonizing daily actions in the field.

The head of monitoring and evaluation of the NGO, the guardian angels of nature (AGN), Aimé Ouédraogo presented the activities of his structure.

Mr. Ouédraogo noted that the activities of the NGO are, among other things, the strengthening of security bases, the sustainable and concerted management of the PONASI2 complex (Pô-Nazinga-Sissili).

The provincial director of the national police, Valentin Kaboré, for his part, took stock of the security situation in the province of Nahouri.

The Principal Treasurer, Augustin Yabré dwelt on the support mechanisms for efforts to secure the national territory relating to the Patriotic Support Funds (FSP).

According to Mr. Kaboré, the province's proximity to the sister republic of Ghana makes it difficult for the Defense and Security Forces (FDS) to intervene, especially at the border.

According to the provincial director of the national police, these difficulties encourage smuggling and cross-border insecurity.

Valentin Kaboré maintained that the FDS work in symbiosis and benefit from good collaboration with the populations and local security initiatives.

The participants made a commitment during the exchanges, to be relays to sensitize the populations to the co-production of security.

They also called for the strengthening of consultation frameworks with Ghana with the involvement of customary and religious authorities.

The High Commissioner of Nahouri said he was satisfied with the exchanges, contributions and commitments made by the participants.

For him, their initiative shows that everyone is aware of the need for a return to peace in Burkina.

This first session was made possible thanks to the support of the NGO, the Guardian Angels of Nature (AGN).

Source: Burkina Information Agency