Nahouri: 72 hours to magnify Nankana culture and crafts

The Tong-Bing-Beeré cooperative of young artisans from Guélwongo, in the rural town of Ziou, organized from April 27 to 29, 2023 in Guélwongo, the second edition of the Lang-Goubé festival, with the aim of enhance and promote Nankana culture and crafts.

Initiated by the Tong-Bing-Beeré cooperative "let's preserve our culture" of young craftsmen from Guélwongo, this second edition of the Lang-Goubé festival "let's unite" is intended as a platform for mobilization and awareness-raising among grassroots communities.

This, in order to fight against the progressive loss of cultural values and to organize popular festivities around the Nankana culture with the aim of promoting the woven loincloth and traditional Nankana clothing.

Parades, exhibitions and traditional dances marked these 72 hours of festival in this locality located a stone's throw from Ghana.

For the president of the Alidou Sia cooperative, this edition, beyond its festive aspect, is a framework for strengthening social cohesion between sons and daughters of the Nankana zone, a channel for the promotion of tourism and a contribution to the enhancement and preservation of cultural values.

He took the opportunity to outline some of the difficulties faced by craftsmen in the area.

Among other things, we note the difficulty of selling traditional clothes and woven loincloths often seized and considered as coming from Ghana, the non-recognition at provincial and national level and the lack of financial means for the installation of learners leading to the migration of some to Ghana.

Added to this is the lack of facilitation in the flow of traditional clothes and woven loincloths throughout the territory and the absence of a professional training center for craftsmen.

The godfather of the day Aboubacar Lingani, CEO of the Burkina transit company (STB), justified his presence by his desire to support crafts considered as an emerging sector, full of opportunity for young people.

At the same time, he recognizes in this festival a framework for the promotion of social cohesion essential to the restoration of peace in Burkina Faso.

The president of the special delegation of Ziou, Salam Marané who chaired the closing ceremony welcomed the great mobilization of the populations and expressed his satisfaction for this initiative.

The president of the cooperative invited the authorities to facilitate the sale of traditional clothes and woven loincloths.

For him, the enthusiasm of the populations around this activity shows the interest they give to culture in general and crafts in particular.

He invited the sons and daughters of the province of Nahouri to accompany the initiative in order to perpetuate this activity which undoubtedly will contribute to the influence of the culture and the woven Nankana loincloth.

The event was attended by the regional director of trade in crafts Guillaume M. Dofini and S. Christine Nikiema, first vice-president of the regional chamber of trades.

The various authorities came to support and encourage the craftsmen.

These personalities came to support and encourage the craftsmen. The leaders of the cooperative handed over a financial envelope to the president of the special delegation in order to support the peace effort launched by the government of the Transition.

Source: Burkina Information Agency