Nadduli Threatens to Sue Academic Critics (

Angered by persistent questions about his academic qualifications, Luweero LC-V chairman Abdul Nadduli has threatened to drag his doubters to court.

Nadduli is among 50 political aspirants listed for investigation for alleged lack of minimum senior six academic qualifications. Speaking on CBS radio’s Nze nga bwendaba (The way I see it) feature programme, Nadduli described the lingering questions as “nonsense” and threatened legal action.

“Stupidity among people differs. I’m going to [expose them]. Are they the ones who educated me?” he fumed. “If I don’t sue these people, they won’t understand.

When we got out of the bush, those children [opponents] were in primary. From 1972, I have been a history teacher at Kalasa Senior Secondary School teaching from senior one to senior four. Yet they say that I’m uneducated and I have never set foot in any school,” he said.

Nadduli had his re-election bid blocked in 2006 after the Electoral Commission found his academic papers wanting. However, in 2011, Nadduli bounced back and won the seat after he was cleared by the High court. Ronald Ndawula, Nadduli’s perennial arch-rival, had petitioned court then to block Nadduli.

“I am tired of that,” Nadduli said on Friday. “How many times will I have to explain? That is how it is in every election and I have always jumped over it. But this time I’m going to sue Ndawula. I will sit down with my lawyers, we shall see. They are defaming me.”

Reminded by the moderator that there is rarely smoke without fire, Nadduli, who is also the NRM vice chairperson for Buganda, lost his cool: “If you keep asking me such stupid questions, I will hang up on you. Of those [detractors] is there anyone who educated me? Then what do they know? From 1969 to date I have been a teacher. By the time I entered the bush in 1981, I had taught for 12 years and they say that I have no papers?”

He dared his challengers to an academic debate, saying: “I want us to institute a panel and we talk about the history of the world, governance and current affairs and we see if they can beat me. They say that I’m not educated. Did my Dad put the syllabus in me?”

Nadduli insists that he holds a degree in Social Work and Social Administration (SWASA) from Bugema University. But Ndawula contends that the said degree is not genuine because his admission was premised on suspect qualifications.

According to Ndawula, Nadduli was admitted to the SWASA course on the basis of a diploma in Project Planning and Management from the Management Business Skill Institute (in Uganda) and another diploma in Public Administration from a US OEGON University, both of which he says are non-existent.