My academic record at Makerere Law School is good

By: John Ken

Your story, “Law course troubles legislator Ken the man” published on February 14, misrepresented facts on my study record at the Makerere Law School.

I am an active student in spite of my heavy legislative duties. I recently published two eminent academic essays in the School of Law journal on the constitutionality of oil production and the federal question in Uganda.

It is not true that I passed only one subject of development studies out of five subjects as alleged in your story. Development studies is a first semester course in the first year and is done along with Constitutional Law, Introducing Law, Contract Law and Criminal Law. So what your author is alluding to is a fabrication. I know of no academic record where I have passed one subject out of five.

It is true I have had some retakes and as I write all have been successfully completed. Retakes among students is common-place. Why didn’t the author of the story equally state that my course work in my first year semester was among those that excelled?

The author should, therefore, have obtained proper records from the Law school instead of relying on hearsay.

Source: Daily Monitor

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