KAMPALA, Sept 14–President Yoweri Museveni has vowed to work with the newly enthroned Kyabazinga (king) of Busoga, William Gabula Nadiope, but insists the people of Busoga need to be united.

Nadiope was installed as the new king of Busoga on Saturday, replacing the late Henry Wako Muloki who died on September 1, 2008.

The event that took place at Bugembe, the seat of the Kingdom of Busoga, drew huge crowds of people including officials, delegations from other kingdoms, MPs and ministers.

The enthronement of Gabula, however, came on the back of tense times within the kingdom, with his rival, Prince Edward Columbus Wambuzi taking to court to prevent the ceremony from taking place.

Wambuzi is the son of the late Kyabazinga Muloki.

His attempt to throw a spanner in the works hit a dead-end when the High Court in Jinja on Friday – the eve of the enthronement – deferred its verdict on whether the coronation of Nadiope should or should not proceed.

That decision resurrected a lot of tension, during which the loyalists of Wambuzi stormed the streets in protest.

Wambuzi insists he is the duly elected Kyabazinga, saying he was elected two month after his father’s death four years ago.

It is this friction within the kingdom that became the pivot of President Museveni’s speech at the coronation attended by a mammoth crowd under stifling temperatures.

Busoga is a traditional Bantu kingdom and one of four constitutional monarchies in present-day Uganda.

The kingdom is a cultural institution which promotes popular participation and unity among the people of the region through development programs to improve their standard of living. Busoga strives for a united people who have economic, social and cultural prosperity and assists the Kyabazinga.