Mudslides destroy homes in Kasese

By: Enid Ninsiima

SIRONKO: Mudslides have hit Kasese District, hardly a year after lives were lost and property destroyed when floods swept the area.

The Saturday incident, which occurred in Ibanda Parish, Bugoye Sub-county, swept away homes and left many crops and animals dead.

The sub-county chairperson, Mr Apurinali Bwambale, said the disaster was preceded by a heavy down pour accompanied by hailstones that lasted for one-and-a half hours. “We saw a lot of water accompanied by mud flowing down stream to people’s homes and gardens. We have lost a number of homesteads, acres of plantations and animals in,” Mr Bwambale said.

The most affected villages are Ruboni, Nyakabuwa, Nyakalengijo and Kihalha in Busongora North County.

The sub-county authorities said the livelihood of the people in the parish has been severely destroyed as a result of the breakage of Kilembe Mines Canal that generates power.

Mr Allan Buliro, a resident who was affected by the disaster, said he was in the house when the rain started.

“I heard a big sound of water entering my house. I was soaked in water since I had nowhere to go. All my property was carried away by water,” Mr Buliro, who struggled to control tears flowing from his eyes, said.

Ms Selina Ngope, another resident, said water submerged her house leaving her and her three children stranded.

“I have five children but I was with three when the disaster occurred. We could not keep in the house since water was too much. I started carrying one by one outside. As I carried them outside, water was also taking them until I carried for help and people came to my rescue,” Ms Ngope said.

The district assistant Chief administrative Officer, MrWilson Asaba Mwigha, said affected families need urgent help. “Our preliminary findings indicate that 13 households have been affected but eight of them have been completely destroyed,” Mr Asaba, who is also the district disaster committee chairperson, said.

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