Mrabet, German delegation discuss food safety cooperation programme

Health Minister Ali Mrabet pointed on Tuesday to the utmost importance of the bilateral technical cooperation project between Tunisia and Germany in the food safety field in guaranteeing quality and safety. "This project, which aims to improve the food safety system, will have a direct impact on the protection of the consumers' health in addition to its contribution to the development of exports of Tunisian consumer products and tourism," he added during the 1st meeting of the project's steering committee. Ali Mrabet underlined the need to enhance planning to achieve the objectives of this strategic project as soon as possible, reaffirming the Health Ministry's commitment to coordinate with other structures in order to provide all the necessary means to ensure the safety of food products and protect the health of consumers, reads a Health Ministry press release. The German delegation welcomed the progress made in the implementation of this partnership project, despite the economic difficulties, notably the COVID-19 crisis and its repercussions, voicing willingness to continue cooperation with Tunisia to make a success of this programme. The meeting was attended by President of the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment Andreas Hensel and President of the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety Friedel Cramer.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse