Mother blames health workers for baby’s death

A 31-year-old mother has accused medical staff at Kisizi Hospital in Kabale of negligence that caused death of her new born baby and put her life at risk.

Ms Jackline Tumuheirwe, a news anchor at Voice of Kigezi, a local radio station, gave birth at the hospital last Saturday through a caesarean operation but her baby died three days later.

How it happened
Ms Tumuheirwe says she had gone to the hospital in time to ensure safe delivery, having undergone a caesarean operation in her first pregnancy.

But she said all her requests for a timely ceasarean operation were ignored.

“I came to the hospital a week before I gave birth, having attained 40 weeks for a mother to give birth. A female white doctor called Hellen worked on me and aised me to report back the following Wednesday (September 3),” she said.

She continued: “But on the night of Tuesday, I experienced contractions and reported to the hospital. When they did the tests, they told me I was not ready to give birth. But it was now 41 weeks and I was increasingly going into danger, it was all hurting. I demanded an operation but everyone ignored me,” Ms Tumuheirwe recounted to Sunday Monitor.

She says the hospital carried out the operation on September 6, after she started discharging meconium (first stool of an infant), an indication that the unborn baby had been affected inside the womb.
Kisizi Hospital administrator Moses Mugume denied negligence on the part of the medical staff.

“The doctors tried so hard to save the life of the new born child. It was unfortunate that we lost it. But what they passed through really does not show negligence,” he said.

Mr Mugume declined to comment on the accusations of mishandling the mother.

“If you want facts about the mother, come to the hospital and interview all the doctors who handled the case for their story,” he said in a telephone interview.

What went wrong
The baby. When the baby, weighing 2.9kg, was delivered, it was distressed and vomiting old meconium (faecal discharge), according to medical notes by Dr Treasure and one Onesmus, who did the medical examination.

The mother. The health workers also said the meconium had filled the lower parts of the mother after it had been passed on from the baby inside the womb.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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