Morocco: Angolan ambassador hopes to strengthen bilateral cooperation

Angolan ambassador Baltazar Diogo highlighted Monday the need to strengthen cooperation between Angola and the Kingdom of Morocco, specially in the fields of agriculture, tourism and the pharmaceutical industry.

He called on the Angolan business class, mainly those linked to the agriculture sector, to look to the Moroccan market as a potential outlet for products such as banana, coffee and wood.

According to the diplomat, Angola can also take advantage of the Moroccan experience in the pharmaceutical industry and tourism, two strong areas to leverage the Angolan market.

“Since the national liberation struggle, Morocco has always been present in the lives of Angolans, contributing to the efforts to conquer national independence. Therefore, we must think about boosting bilateral cooperation within the framework of the development of both countries”, Baltazar Diogo added.

In another field, the diplomat added that 122 Angolans live in this Maghreb country, including scholarship students who have graduated in different areas of knowledge, and some residents.

Baltazar Diogo explained that the Diplomatic Mission is in control of Angolan citizens, with whom it maintains permanent contact, including on festive dates.

“Fortunately, we have no record of any problems with Angolans residing in the most diverse cities in Morocco and when any constraint arises, we provide the necessary support, resorting to local authorities, which are always available. In general, nothing that concerns us, ”he said.

Relations between Morocco and Angola date back to the 1960s.

However, Angola and Morocco signed, in October 1988, the General Agreement on Economic, Scientific, Technical and Cultural Cooperation.

The deal allowed the holding the first Session of the Angolan-Moroccan Joint Bilateral Commission, in Rabat, in October 1989.

The second meeting of the Joint Bilateral Commission between the two countries took place in November 2013 in Luanda.

The two countries cooperate in the areas of education, agriculture, trade, among others.

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)