More Information Emerges On How Intelligence From Uganda Forces Led to the Killing of Alshabaab Leader

The weekly Ugandan newspaper, the Observer from Kampala says it has gotten information on how the intelligence from Ugandan forces led to the killing of Alshabaab leader Ahmed Godane by the America drones.

AMISOM forces in the contingent from Uganda told the American Intelligence where Ahmed Godane was meeting with other Alshabaab leaders at Daay Tubako 300 km south of Mogadishu. Pentagon spokesperson Admiral John Kirby confirmed that in a press statement early this month. He added that Ugandan troops told the American forces about a convoy of vehicles carrying Ahmed Godane.

On the other hand, the commander of the UPDF, General Katumba Wamala told the Observer that the information surrounding the killing of Ahmed Godane is a top secret.

Source : Dalsan Radio