Miracle – Learn From the Resistance

One of the ways, which I have found to apply so perfectly in my life, is resistance. For example, when I was a couple of years into salvation and was on fire for God and did not want to miss a single Sunday service, something started happening to my car every Sunday morning and I would find myself staying home – my church is a thirty-minute drive away, but possibly two hours if you are taking a taxi.

I would dress up, only to find the battery dead, a tyre flat, or the engine simply unresponsive. One time, after it happened two consecutive Sundays, I grabbed my bag and headed for the taxi park. That service, God spoke to me throughout the sermon, and I recognised the devil’s machinations for what they were. The Sunday car troubles also stopped.

The latest was last Sunday. I had a horrible Saturday night. A sharp pain through my heart kept jolting me awake the entire night, feeling like I was dying. I woke up feeling too tired and actually considered sleeping in. The bad weather did not help matters. But I dragged myself to church, and unannounced, God sent us a prophet on that rainy day of all days! It was an amazing service missed by many people on account of the rain.

And for those who turned up, tales of how close they came to not making it at all for this reason or the other, thrived. I realised, the devil unfortunately sees further than us spiritually and will do everything to make it hard for us to access our destinies.

Fine, there are times when it is the Holy Spirit Himself blocking you from possibly making a mistake (for the devil cannot put up resistance when you are off to fight with someone, for instance, but the Holy Spirit will convict you against it).

But if what you are planning to do is the right thing by godly standards – say, pray or give, fellowship, etc – and you feel evil resistance, do it nonetheless you will later understand why the devil was putting up such resistance.

One man even took the painful decision to wed as scheduled, regardless the death of their child days to the wedding, because similar deaths had happened two years in a row and each time they postponed the wedding. So, if the resistance is stopping you from doing good by God, recognise the devil’s hand in it and press on. It will make sense later.

Source : The Observer

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