Miracle – Congratulations, Redeemed Church

Last Sunday, the Redeemed of the Lord church Makerere celebrated 35 years of existence. Ah, the sweet memories that flood my soul!

For it is at Redeemed that the Lord first planted the salvation seed in my life, a seed that would blossom decades later into the servant of the most-high God that I am today. I remember how my mother dressed up my two sisters and I on Sundays, sending us off to pray at Mulago Catholic parish – or so she thought.

At the gate, we would switch directions and head for Redeemed church about 2km away, whose vibrant Sunday school seemed to have magnetic powers on us. There, with Auntie Freda (now Pastor Freda Sserwadda) in charge, I would sing, dance and – my favourite -present before the adult congregation in the papyrus-walls, dusty-floor structure 50 metres away.

In Sunday school, I learnt to minister before a big congregation, which I now do as a praise and worship minister in Sunday school I learnt beautiful songs, some of which have become regular prayers in my Christian walk -Keep Me Shining Lord In All I Do And Say That The World May See Christ Lives In Me and Learn To Love Him Too in Sunday school the Bible was revealed to me for the first time.

But then one day I was attacked by a stray dog on the way home from church, and the good Samaritan who drove me home with my hysterical sisters told our dumbfounded mother where the dog had found me: kilometres in the opposite direction from Mulago Catholic parish!

Although that dog was rabid, I thank my faithful God who miraculously healed me. But we were forbidden from stepping foot in that Pentecostal church again. Decades later, Jesus Christ found my sisters and me again, and I am proud to say, this time with my mother too.

I am so grateful for the salvation seed planted at Redeemed church in the days of Pastor Balinda and the powerful praise leader, Sarah (RIP). When I last visited last year, I was amazed to see familiar faces from back then still serving the Lord, such as Mrs Muwonge’s, whose daughters were our best friends in Sunday School.

Ebenezer, indeed. May that good church grow from glory to glory.

Source : The Observer