Ministry of Health Statement to Parliament on Cholera Outbreak in Kampala City, 9th January 2019

Rt. Hon. Speaker & Members, The Ministry of Health received a report of four suspected cholera cases on 5th January 2019 who had been seen at Kirudu hospital with diarrheal and vomiting which had started on 4th January 2019.

These suspected cholera cases were from Kaboowa parish, Rubaga division. The health workers in Kirudu hospital immediately suspected cholera and gave them appropriate medical care.

Following the report, that same day the Ministry made arrangements to transfer the suspected cases to Naguru China-Uganda. Cooperation Hospital where cholera treatment centre was established.

Subsequently, three more patients were received the following day and as of to-day (8th January 2019) there 10 suspected cholera cases of which 2 cases have been confirmed. Majority of the cases have improved and will be discharge soon.

There are no reported cholera cases in Nakawa, Central and, Kawempe though our teams are 'on the ground conducting sensitisation and passive search.,

Immediate actions taken to prevent spread and control the outbreak

Following the report, the Ministry of Health in collaboration with all stake-holders carried out the following.

1. Opened the treatment centre at Naguru China-Uganda Cooperation Hos-pital to treat suspected and confirmed patients.

Source: Government of Uganda


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