Minister threatens to resign over gays Bill


MARACHA: State minister for Local Government Alex Onzima has threatened to resign from cabinet if President Museveni does not assent to the Anti-homosexuality bill.

Speaking during the installation of the Maracha archdeacon, Alex Adroni, in Nyoro village, Mr Onzima did not have any kind words for President Museveni over gay issues. “Mr Museveni wants to find out the profound cause of sodomy before he assents to the anti-gay bill. Whoever is his reporter here should go and tell him that I don’t agree with him on this even if it means losing this job of minister, I have a home in Maracha,” Mr Onzima said.

This is the first time that a serving government official has come out publically to criticise the president for his delay to assent to the bill passed on December 23, 2013.

The minister saluted the President of Senegal Macky Sall for telling US President Barak Obama, during his visit to the country last year, that homosexuality has no place in Africa. “Suppose Mr Obama had visited Uganda and asked Museveni about homosexuality what would have happened to him?”

Mr Onzima is not new to controversy; he had been in the NRM until he quit it to join the Reform Agenda in 2001 which became the FDC although it was short lived as in 2011 he quit to rejoin NRM.

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