Metrosexual – How to Stay Neat, Even When You Dress Down

Last we were here, it was about wearing the branded shirt.

The promise was that we shall explore just how best to pull off a look that exudes your profession, and even vocation if you please. We shall start from the usual suspects – the corporates.

When was the last time a guy showed up at your office, or you showed up at a guy’s office, and what is before you is a neatly- dressed figure with almost everything in place? You want to give them a second look and a third and for a moment, you are lost as to what they or you are there for. And while you are still taking in the look, subtle but richly-piercing cologne engulfs you and your senses don’t know whether to let you lick your lower lip or frown in envy. Well, let us focus on the shirt.

A plain shirt in white or blue is just the thing to do it, especially if a good pressing job was done and care was taken to ensure it is the right size. If it comes with a tie, the collar is the right one while the tie was knotted to almost pin-point precision and comes off with complimenting patterns.

And by complementing, I mean it accentuates the shirt and skin collar of the wearer. At this point, you don’t care if it has a KFC or Eskom logo somewhere on the breast – it has simply made its mark! Did I add that it should be as neatly tucked in as we see with tetracycline capsules?

On dress-down days when it is the T-shirt to work, the trend of oversize T-shirts are so yesterday. It doesn’t matter whether you are blessed with the abs to die or kill for, a fitting T-shirt, especially via the arms, is simply a killer. It even has a way it will deflect attention from a potbelly. But that too has a lot to do with the quality of the T-shirt from fabric to design and colouring.

You have this tucked in neatly into that pair of Jeans or Chinos and you have simply nailed it – the corporate way!

The handymen will prefer to dress down all the time because after all, their jobs, it is assumed, are about results and not so much the looks. Well, that too is fast changing. There is something about being neat and well groomed that gets people trusting more of your results than if you are scruffy.

If it’s got to be protective gear, also known as PPE in those circles, like the overalls, the khaki shirts and the like, a neat pressing and fitting does the magic. I have seen some social media posts on the cops that some civilians find so attractive. A cop? Attractive? Yes, if they dress right. And we are talking the same uniform his ilk wear, and you just pass them by without much ado, except ducking if you know or feel you could be on the wrong side of the law.

Lately, the UPDF has some good pixilated prints to their uniforms – good innovation I must say – but have gone further to allow for proper fitting. When you find a soldier well clad in his uniform that fits right and folded firmly by the sleeves to accentuate their biceps, you either feel the pride of patriotism that eludes many or wish to join the force if for nothing but to wear this uniform, or both!

The same goes for school uniforms, but this being the transition term from one level to another, I hardly think any student is reading this. Besides, I am sure the schools have relentlessly preached the ‘always be neat’ gospel. In keeping with dressing right to work, next week we delve into what suits suit your kind of work – don’t be amazed at how many of us are simply not suited by the suits we wear!

Source : The Observer

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