Mbabazi in His Own Words

With his sacking last Friday, Prime Minister John Patrick Amama Mbabazi leaves the front bench in Parliament. But an analysis of the Hansard, the official Parliament record, shows why Kinkiizi West MP had a long and brilliant career as minister and prime minister.

SULAIMAN KAKAIRE read the Hansard for some of Mbabazi’s trademark contributions.

In October 2011, during the heated debate about his alleged acceptance of bribes from oil companies, Prime Minister Mbabazi in calm composure said:

Thank you very much, Madam Speaker, for giving me the opportunity. I just want to make two points one, that as a leader of the Movement and member of this august House, I am fully with you and consistent with the methods of work of the Movement openness and transparency – that is the hallmark of the National Resistance Movement for all this time -(Interruption) I was saying that anyone who wishes me out of NRM is only wasting their time.

My presentation this morning on the allegations, against me is that one, I am with you and obviously when there are allegations they should be investigated and conclusions should be made so that when we make statements, they are statements based on facts and findings of investigations. That is all I am saying.

Two, I would like to say that when we came to this House yesterday the presenter of the motion, Hon Ssekikubo, mentioned that the company that owned the park yard that was being used by Tullow belongs to Nina Mbabazi and Rukikaire Junior. I would like to say that I have a daughter called Nina Mbabazi. I don’t know if she is the one they meant, and she is married to a “Rukikaire” whom I don’t know if he is the one they meant.

So, I sat quietly here yesterday because I wanted particulars about that allegation. And I asked the mover, the Hon Sekikubo, who aised that he would give that information in the morning, which he didn’t do. However, I did investigate and found that there is a company called “Mineral Services Ltd.” This company’s certificate of registration is dated July 3, 1997 and it is here, and I lay it on the table.

Secondly, its articles and memorandum of association are also dated 3 July 1997 and the shareholders are a Mr Jeffrey Roberts of P.O. Box 7747, Kampala he holds 300 shares Mr Patrick Timbareba of P.O. Box 7747, Kampala he holds 300 shares Mr Edward Kabuchu of P.O. Box 7747 he holds 300 shares and they are all signed those are the shareholders of this company and I wish to lay it on the table.

I have here the particulars of the directors and secretaries of this company which was actually done on 20 September and the names are here they are Mr Kabuchu Edward and Mr Patrick Timbareba. They are all here this is the record in the office of the Registrar of Companies. This is the annual return of this company dated 16 September 2011. And this annual return has the shareholders as Mr Kabuchu Edward and Mr Patrick Timbareba. I beg to lay this on the table.

It appears to me, therefore, that in case this was the company name, and in case the name of Nina Mbabazi and what they call Rukikaire Junior, they are my daughter and son-in-law, and they have absolutely nothing to do with that company. Yesterday, when they mentioned her name here in Parliament, I actually sent a message to her and she promptly replied that she did not own any business of that kind…

But let me make this point that even if in fact Nina Mbabazi was involved in business with Tullow, what crime is that? Madam Speaker, my children do not ask me for permission to do business. In fact, I do not get to know what business they are doing. So, the only point I am making is that this was mentioned yesterday and I am laying on the table information to show that actually that company does not belong to her.

My second point concerns the papers that were laid before the House by Hon Karuhanga yesterday. The case that he mentioned about me was a case that, to the best of my knowledge, has been in the public domain for the last two years. This case arose out of a WikiLeaks report which we have all seen, and I do not have to repeat it.

In that report by WikiLeaks, which says the American Embassy made a report about me, it was alleged that the head of Tullow Company had informed the embassy that Heritage had bribed me. Of course, in case that document is different, this is the WikiLeaks report and I want to lay it on table. When this allegation came out in the media…my response about that was…that the allegation is absolutely not true.

I have never received even an offer let alone payment from Heritage or ENI of that kind…What surprised me is that the embassy believes that the allegations are true and concluded that the deal showed signs of high-level corruption in Uganda’s oil sector. This is incredible…

On July 23, 2014, during the prime minister’s question time, Mbabazi said this in relation to the arrest of his supporters:

Yes, certainly, I am absolutely aware that General Kale Kayihura, the IGP, visited my constituency and people were arrested. The report is that there was a structure that was burnt down again that is also true.

This was a temporary structure made of timber and grass, and one young man was arrested, and according to the police report, he allegedly confessed that he is the one, who burnt it, and they went ahead to arrest him and other personalities in my constituency, and they charged them in court. I did speak to the officer who was in charge on phone.

I asked him, ‘why have you arrested those people?’ and he told me that they had been arrested because this young man alleged to have confessed to burning the structure, had named them. I asked him if there was any corroborative evidence from anyone else, he didn’t have any. But they went ahead to charge them, and as you must have read in the papers, the young man denied in court that he had told the police that.

It happens that people who were arrested are very closely associated with me they are very g supporters of the Movement. They are leaders in their right, and I did say that the police must be very careful in handling its work. I was amazed, because when this structure was burnt, I got reports that it was a bar selling beer and they had taken out the furniture and everything so, the suspicion there, is that it was an inside job. It actually appears to be a frame-up.

(As security minister) On July 8, 2010, when the House was debating the Regulation of Communications Act that provides for tapping of communications…

Mbabazi said:

I cannot target my colleagues in the political class, even you in the opposition, unless you are engaged in crime. When you are engaged in crime, it does not matter on which side of the political divide you are. It is the duty of the state to secure Uganda against all criminals of whatever political colour.

Source : The Observer

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