Mbabazi Has Expired – Sejusa

In his latest missive, exiled Gen David Sejusa claims university students trained at the police school in Kabalye will eventually help to police the 2016 general elections.

He also warns those still employed by President Museveni that they are all expendable, and will expire just like Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi.

“Museveni knows that using the formal UPDF and police is going to be difficult. He can’t trust them enough so, he is setting up auxiliary irregular and illegal forces in the name of crime preventers,” Sejusa said in an email sent to The Observer on September 12.

He contrasted the students with the Kiboko squad which he described as rag-tag [and] just hurriedly assembled at the Central police station (CPS)”. The new force, he said, will ultimately be armed by the state. However, Police Spokesman Fred Enanga on Monday denied Sejusa’s claims.

“We have been very open about these recruits who even The Observer has covered and some opposition leaders have been to Kabalye. We have 5,000 of them.

The cadets, most of them from universities, have undergone the training and none of them is a polling constable,” Enanga told The Observer. Sejusa, now exiled in the UK, said Museveni had learnt from past elections that some UPDF personnel did not vote NRM. He said a DP candidate won the Entebbe municipality seat yet the constituency is surrounded by Special Forces Command soldiers, Air Force, marines and their families.

“In the last election of 2011, Museveni lost in Mbuya, Makindye barracks, [and] Kasenyi (the training school for SFC). This was the trend all over the country.

Otherwise, how would, for example, Hon [Norbert] Mao win in Gulu, Winnie Byanyima in Mbarara municipality, Harry Kasigwa in Jinja around barracks?” Sejusa said.

“The situation was worse in the police. That is why Mr Museveni used to publicly refer to the police force as ‘an enemy’ and in one address at Kololo in 2007, he declared that with the new commanders there [police], we shall not allow the police to remain an enemy detach. This was after replacing Gen Katumba [Wamala] with [Kale Kayihura] Kayihura.”

Sejusa also warned those still serving the current regime to know that “they don’t need Museveni to be alive, to survive, for their children to remain safe and happy in the new Uganda.”

He added that whoever wanted to defeat Museveni, they should be able to study the political tricks he uses to subjugate and isolate his opponents: “using Kayihura”.

Sejusa said Museveni quietly deployed his own ministers and commanders to check perceived ambitions of his opponents. He gave an example of one senior untouchable minister who was fought by Kayihura during the 2011 elections.

“We all knew who was behind it and what the real purpose was. I also know how Mr Museveni would love to see the in-fights in the political parties, even in NRM, the misunderstandings between Prof Bukenya and Hon Mbabazi or [Kahinda] Otafiire. These gentlemen need to reconcile and know [they should] never fight Mr Museveni’s wars for him. They weaken them and strengthen him,” Sejusa said.


He said he did not intend to position himself for leadership after the defeat of Museveni because it was a waste of precious time, and fuelled infighting.

He urged opposition politicians to stop fighting amongst themselves.

“The emphasis should be on how to get this power from the one abusing it. Because if you start fighting over it now, what then will you do when you really have it? So on this one we need to trust the people. They are capable of choosing the best leader provided they are empowered to do so,” Sejusa said.

Source : The Observer

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