Management Statement on Current Situation at Makerere University Campus

For close to one week, there have been demonstrations on Main Campus by students protesting the fees structure approved by Council in 2018. These demonstrations started after a meeting between the University Management and the Guild Representative Council. At that meeting, Management had conceded to practically all the student demands, including suspension of surcharges for late payment of fees and late registration. Management had however requested the students to await a meeting of Council, which would discuss the petition submitted to the Chairperson of Makerere University Council regarding the fees structure. As It were, the students were not patient enough to await the meeting of Council and decided to start demonstrations which culminated into riots.

On 29th October 2019, the University Council held an emergency meeting and decided to halt any further increment on functional fees, but kept the 15% increase on tuition fees for the next three years. This decision was apparently not acceptable to a section of the students and a few continued with their riots mostly off campus. The situation on campus is gradually normalising.

Despite the isolated demos and riots, most of the University activities continued normally although the rioters managed to disrupt a few classes.

Management wishes to thank the students and lecturers who continued with normal activities despite the isolated disruptions. Management calls upon all students and staff to resume classes immediately. Security for those carrying on with their duties will be provided. Examinations will commence as planned on 18th November 2019 and there will be no extension to the Semester.

Source: MAKERERE University


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