Man abandons children, wants to meet Museveni

Mugarura Bazirio has abandoned his three children at New Vision headquarters in Kampala. He says he will only take them back into his care after meeting with President Yoweri Museveni.

The resident of Ruhama sub-county in Ntungamo district, who is believed to be still in Kampala, on Monday, March 6, abandoned Claire Nimusima, 15; Martin Niwamanya, 13 and Kevin Niwahereza, 11.

The children say their father told them to seek funds from Good Samaritans to aid the acquisition of land where they will reside.

The trio, which came by bus to Kampala on Saturday from Ntungamo, had been living with the grandmother.

According to the children, their grandmother put them on the bus after communicating with their father, who picked them up from the park and later abandoned them at the Vision Group offices.

"On Saturday, our dad picked us up from the park and took us to where he stays. He told us this morning to come here and seek help from well-wishers to buy land where we shall stay," one of the children said.

Whereabouts of mother unknown

The children were reportedly separated from their mother five years ago after she got married to another man and abandoned them with their grandmother.

The trio was abandoned with documents from previous publications indicating Mugarura’s efforts to find President Museveni, which are still futile.

According to the reports, Mugarura has been on the hunt for the President since 2011, when he gifted him with a 20-litre jerrycan of honey, which he (President) at the time directed one of his assistants, Brig. Mbaddi to organise a meeting with him.

Mugarura stated in one of the publications that his efforts to meet the President had been blocked by two army officials and two women since 2011.

By press time, the children had been taken to Jinja Road Police post.

Source: New Vision