Makerere students protest new rules


Makerere University students have protested the new policies that the institution’s administration passed recently.
The new rules require students not to engage in sexual immorality, alcohol misuse, gambling, the use of vulgar language and indecent dressing.

The new rules are contained in a statutory document that was signed by the acting dean of students and Dr Wana Etyem, the chairperson of the University Council.
Once students refuse to heed the new rules, dismissal awaits them.

However, this has sparked a wave of protests among students, who have argued that this is a violation of their rights.
They have castigated the university for such policies, saying the new rules paint a pale picture on their freedom as adults and that this could breed demonstrations if the rules are not revised.

Aaron Mugumya, a second year student, described the policies as abnormal and that this could bring more confusion between students and administrators.

“Makerere administrators should know that once someone is in university, they are mature enough to make decisions. These policies would mean that students are still in secondary school. This is a violation of our rights,” Mr Mugumya said.
Racheal Nassiwa, a third year law student condemned the policies and said once someone reaches a higher institution of learning, they are adults who can decide on what is right and wrong.

She warned that these policies could lead to confusion at the country’s oldest institution.
Daily Monitor understands that the new rules were made without the student leaders’ consent.

Some leaders, who preferred anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter, said they will join students to demonstrate against these policies,

Meanwhile, during the fresher’s (new students) orientation yesterday, students were called upon to be vigilant and report to the authorities in case they suspect a problem.

Assistant commissioner of police and also the University’s Chief of Security, Mr Thomas Kassimo, challenged students to take part in community policing in order to fight insecurity. He said all halls of residence within the university will have armed security personnel


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