Make use of your cup holder

This is by far the easiest among things featured here, one would say. But like we keep saying, learning never ends. You will be surprised that there are people who have no idea what cup holders are.

Digging up for more information regarding the history of these holders, I was surprised to know that they are not a recently designed feature. Since the 60s, cup holders have been around but several years down the road, the designs and locations have changed. Part of the history on cup holders is that they were designed to cater for the urban working car owner who would want to “catch” their breakfast in a car other than sit and finish it in a hurry at home.

Today, the most common location of cup holders, usually two, is near the gear lever. In some modern cars, the back seat’s arm rest can be unfolded to use the extra cup holders. Other manufacturers put install them as part of the centre console (between the driver and co-driver and the passenger seats). Some cars can have up to six cup holders in different locations. Besides, holding cups, some can also accommodate bottles and canned drinks. As a measure of precaution, it is ideal to have a cup with a cover other than an ordinary cup. Just in case you hit a hump or pothole, your drink may spill on you and make you unsettled or even make you cause an accident.

Some modern designs include retractable cup holders. These, by a push of a button near the entertainment system or navigation screen, will pop up. However, in some countries, it is illegal to drink from a cup while driving. When not used to holding canned beverages or small bottles, the cup holders are sometimes used by some motorists as storage space for other things such as coins, business cards etc.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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