Make rules that stand test of time -NCS’ Katende advises UVF

National Council of Sports assistant general secretary technical David Katende has advised Uganda Volleyball Federation (UVF) to regularly updates their rules to match with time.

Katende was inaugurating a team of six officials that Uganda Volleyball Federation has appointed to review its constitution.

The committee has Hannington Nsubuga as its chairman.

The members include Hassan Ssekajoolo, Maureen Yerindabo, Joel Endra, Yusuf Mukiibi and Hilda Nankya.

It will be supervised by Uganda Volleyball Federation second vice president of UVF Patricia Ahumuza.

Its main role will be to examine the current constitution which was made in 2005 ensure loopholes that have a cause of conflict are filled.

UVF president Hadija Namanda said that the reviewed constitution draft will handed to the federation board that will present it for adoption in the next UVF Congress.

Source: National Council for Sports

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