MAK-MCF Scholars visit Salaam School of the blind and Kibale UCU

On 9th November 2019 Mastercard Foundation Scholars at Makerere University visited Salaam School of the Blind in Mukono District and Kibale Primary School in Mityana District, for an outreach aimed at giving back to the communities.

Organized by the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Association under the theme; Enhancing Collective efforts towards sustainable development of underprivileged communities while conserving the environment, scholar together with their administrators planted over 100 fruit trees and erected a fence around Salaam School of the blind. They also offered free career guidance services to pupils before serving them a special meal.

The Founder and Head teacher of the school, Mr. Francis Kinubi commended Mastercard Foundation Scholars for their kindness and generosity. According to Mr. Kinubi, the words of encouragement from the scholars instilled hope among his pupils to become important people in society.

"All around our school has been walkways. We used to have a very big banana plantation but thieves have been stealing our food and children's property. After this fence which you have helped to put around the School, we will now have one entrance and exit and a gatekeeper to know who is coming in or getting out," he said.

At Kibale Primary School in Mityana district, scholars donated construction materials, which the school administration used to put up two-roomed houses for teachers. They also planted over two hundred trees and donated an assortment of scholastic materials.

I wish everyone had a heart of giving back to the disadvantaged people and communities, this country would be very far in terms of development, said Mr. Michael Kalyesubula, the Head Teacher of Kibale Primary School.

One of the cherished values of Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program is to 'give back' to communities. Scholars at Makerere University have over time, mastered the art and understood the value of giving back to their communities. Every year, either as individuals or in groups, scholars engage in activities that are geared towards bring positive change in community. Among these include, capacity building, resource mobilization and community engagements.

Source: MAKERERE University


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