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Macron calls Russia a ‘colonial power’ during visit to ex-French colony

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Euronews (English)

The French president vilified Russia as a “colonial imperial power” during a visit to Benin, which France ruled for more than 150 years. By deciding “to invade a neighboring country to defend its interests there … Russia is one of the last imperial colonial powers,” said Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday. He made the remarks during a press conference with his Beninese counterpart Patrice Talon in Cotonou, adding “I speak on a continent [Africa] which has undergone colonial imperialism.” France colonised the small west African country of Benin in 1894, which was at the time one of the oldest and m…

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Snares: Low-tech, low-profile killers of rare wildlife the world over

Published by Mongabay By Laurel Neme On an early morning in January 2013, rangers patrolling Kahuzi-Biéga National Park, a 6,000-square-kilometer (2,300-square-mile) UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Democratic Republic of Congo, spotted a young female Grauer’s gorilla. Known to the rangers as Iragi, a name that means “lucky” in Congolese, she had a wire snare […]

US to Boost Monkeypox Vaccine Supply

The White House announced Thursday it will make an additional 1.8 million doses of monkeypox vaccine available for distribution beginning next week.At a news conference, White House national monkeypox response coordinator Bob Fenton said the additional…