‘Low staffing affecting service delivery in Kaberamaido’

Leaders in the Kaberamaido District Local Government have associated the poor service delivery to the low staffing levels. .

The LCV District Chairperson, Albert Anthony Ejoku said that their ability to deliver services as the district local government is greatly crippled by low numbers on the ground as opposed to a big workload...

Ejoku made this revelation during a meeting with the Parliamentary Committee on Government Assurances which is visiting the district to follow up on the implementation of government pledges.

We have heard complaints about our failure to deliver services yet we are thin on the ground. We have very few doctors and teachers as well as local government personnel compared to the amount of work he said.

He said that every time they raise the issue they get responses from the Ministry of Public Service that they cannot employ people because they do not have the money.

How do you expect us to deliver when every time we want to do something the excuse is that there is no money, he noted.

Ejoku highlighted the the need to grant Kalaki County a district status; upgrade Kaberamaido Health Centre IV to hospital status and tarmacking of the Lwala - Kaberamaido road that joins the Lira Highway.He also called for the completion of St. Janaan Luwum Church of Uganda, the, provision of shs20 million for the youth and widows and the construction of class room blocks for various schools.

The Chairman also noted that five counties of Kakure, Apapai, Alwa, Aperkira and Kaberamaido do not have Secondary Schools. He added that with the exception of Alwa, all the other counties do not have Health Centre IIIs.

The fact that we do not have these facilaities greatly affects service delivery, he said.

Hon. Robert Musoke (NRM, Budiope West) who led the Committee told the Local government leadership that some items might have been pledged but they may not necessarily be declared as a government assurances.

You need to ensure that these issues are raised with your MP who can confirm these pledges with the government, he said, adding that, we are going to follow up with the government and demand a status report on your behalf through Parliament.

Hon. Aogon Silas (Indep, Kumi Municipality) added that the Committee shall ensure that the government pronounces itself on the pledges that have overstayed.

We will see to it that they come out clearly on their ability to execute some of the pledges that are very old and relay it to you so that you hold them accountable for their failures, he added.

The Committee will also visit the districts of Kumi, Soroti, Kapchorwa and Mbale on the same fact finding mission.

Source: Parliament of Uganda


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