London Diary – Trim Jim Isn’t Having the Last Laugh, After All

Jal Paddy,

Keeping other factors as constant as we can make them, if we were to place a toned, lean fella, with six packs, next to a chubby, round, potbelly fella, who of these two do you think the ladies would choose as long-term partners, or even husbands?

I assume your answer will be in favour of the six-pack lad. Wrong answer, my friend. A London study into whether women prefer dating chubby, slightly ‘pot-bellied’ guys or their chiselled ‘six pack-ed’ counterparts, saw three in four women choose the potbelly over the six pack. But of course that doesn’t stop them from teasing and swooning over the toned, chiselled gym buff.

The discovery was that women see a more rounded man as much more fun and less likely to judge their girlfriend or partner’s body. The world being as connected as it is, we know the tastes and references of the modern woman is quite similar world over.

This piece of information, while setting straight a few myths, also puts the educated London dude in a spot of bother. In London, the slim lanky Chameleone look is what steals the show, the chunky pot-bellied guy is seen as undisciplined and a not-serious fella to be seen hanging around or doing business with.

Even fashion is geared towards trim and slim fittings. Thinking about it now, this is explanation enough for the almost non-existence of wedding processions in this town over the weekends. It also shows how spot on the Uganda dude can be without even lifting a finger.

I know a learned and curious guy when I see one, like you must have noticed the metamorphosis of our young men after coming through ‘Uni’ and landing their first jobs. The previously young and fit lads who had until then been on the ‘Ug’ school diet of beans, posho, matooke and the occasional meat on weekends and ‘big days’, suddenly switch to meat, chips and chicken.

This is on an almost daily basis, and for no other reason than the fact that they can afford it. And like most young Ugandans I know, many of these meals usually go with a bottle of soda, especially when one is not ‘eating in.’

And as sure as clockwork, the kilos usually pile on thick and fast. It then reaches some sort of plateau state where it sits for a while and the progress becomes slow and almost negligible. The reason could be a bit of sense kicking in or the diminishing excitement of independence. It is at this stage that the eating of boiled meats and the occasional gym visit begins.

General as it may sound, there is your ideal university educated ‘Kla’ lad living the good life and playing the part. And now the finding of this research brings even more good news. Where all this leaves the six-pack gym buff, I can’t really tell, but I wouldn’t discourage any fellow out there from sticking to their trim or toned self through exercise or dieting. More especially if it is in the name of health, sports or leisure.

But for the guys pumping iron in the name of attracting the ladies, the writing is on the wall. The ladies prefer viewing your lot from the safe distance of basketball stands, magazines or tellies. And if they must, they will use you and leave.

Your friend,


Source : The Observer