TRIPOLI, Libya, The Libyan government said, on Tuesday, that, it will take over a major power plant in the southern city of Obari, as its Turkish contractor left, over security concerns.

Mohamed al-Sallak, government spokesman, told a press conference in the capital, Tripoli, that Libyan technicians, who were trained in Germany and Turkey, will operate the power plant.

"They (technicians) were trained to operate the power plant, in the absence of foreign experts. They will start operating the power plant this month, which would increase the public power networks by 600 megawatts," al-Sallak said.

In late 2017, unidentified gunmen kidnapped four foreign workers, in the power plant of Obari, some 1,100 km south of Tripoli.

A total of 600 workers, including foreigners, evacuated the city, after the kidnapping, before the four kidnapped workers were released in July, 2018, under tribal mediation.

The construction of the power plant began in 2012, but was suspended in 2014, with deteriorating security conditions in Libya, before the Turkish contractor, ENKA Teknik, resumed work in Feb, 2017.

Source: NAM News Network


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