LC3 chairman arrested over inciting violence

Ntungamo- The chairperson of Ruhaama Sub-county in Ntungamo District was on Friday arrested and charged with inciting violence in June this year.

Mr Tom Rwomushana was arrested at Ntungamo Magistrate’s Court as he turned up to stand surety for one of his supporters accused of blocking a road construction company from doing its work.

He allegedly incited people to stop Zhongmei Construction Company workers from constructing the Ntungamo-Mirama Hills road at Rwengoma until they were compensated for their land on which the road was to be built.

Mr Rwomushana was charged before Grade One Magistrate Francis Ndangwa but was released on bail.

Mr Rwomushana told Sunday Monitor that his arrest was a calculation to intimidate and silence the ordinary residents from pursuing their property rights.

“Our people are crying, their properties have been destroyed, their houses razed, they have nothing to eat because their gardens have been destroyed by the road works and they are threatening them through arresting their leaders,” Mr Rwomushana said after his release.

“They know if I am arrested everything is gone and whoever speaks will also be arrested. What violence did I incite? I don’t think this is government we are serving protects interests of citizens,” he added.

Residents last week walked out of a meeting with the Uganda National Roads Authority, demanding compensation before the road works resume through their land.



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