Kossi: The Forces vives ask the authorities to strengthen security

The Forces vives de la Kossi organized a press conference yesterday, Saturday, at the meeting room of the town hall of Nouna, around two objectives: Ask the authorities to react urgently to the multiplication of terrorist abuses and invite people to get more involved in the defense of their province.

The Living Forces of Kossi by organizing this press conference wanted to inform the national opinion of the difficult times that the populations are going through because of terrorist abuses, in particular on the national 14.

These are the resurgence of insecurity, the massive displacement of populations, the theft of animals, the destruction of property, assassinations, kidnappings and many other humiliating situations, according to their coordinator Séraphin Simboro.

After his statement, he gave the floor to the audience who gave possible solutions in the direction of winning the fight against the enemies.

One suggestion and not the least is the provision of classrooms for internally displaced persons.

The coordination has promised to transmit these various grievances to whom it may concern.

The customary and traditional notabilities, present at the meeting, called for the march scheduled for May 22, 2023 to be temporarily postponed.

The population adhered to the grievance of the customary and traditional leaders of the city of Nouna.

At the end of the fruitful exchanges, the women and the elderly expressed the wish to see the coordination more committed to the cause of the province.

Source: Burkina Information Agency