Kossi: March in support of the Transition, the FDS and the VDP for more security

The living forces of Kossi marched this Monday in Nouna to affirm their support for Captain Ibrahim Traoré, his government, the Defense and Security Forces (FDS) and the Volunteers for Defense of the Fatherland (VDP) for more security in the locality.

A compact crowd marched on Monday, through the arteries of the city of Kossi via the main road (Avenue Ouezzin Coulibaly) to end at the place of the High Commission.

The objective of the walkers is to support the Transition, the FDS and the VDP in their policy of territorial reconquest.

After singing the Ditanyé in unison to show their patriotism, the marchers of the day observed a minute of silence for the memory of the combatants and other citizens who fell on the battlefield.

After hailing the courage and the sacrifices made for the return of peace, the populations wished for more security.

The coordinator of the Forces vives, Séraphin Simboro, noted the displacement of populations from production areas and difficulties on the Nouna-Dédougou and Nouna-Djibasso axes.

“We would like to have a military base because the movement of goods and people is almost impossible. This limits trade and disrupts income-generating activities such as livestock and grain trading, masonry, mechanics and many others,” he said.

It should be noted that a spontaneous collection of funds was initiated to support the FDS and the VDP at the provincial level.

Source: Burkina Information Agency