Kénédougou/Social cohesion: The village chief of Moussodougou visits Orodara

The chief of the village of Moussodougou, Dougoubié Sourabié stayed on Tuesday, May 9, 2023 in the city of the orchard for a courtesy visit to the village chief of Orodara.

In the city of the orchard, the village chief of Moussodougou, Dougoubié Sourabié was accompanied by a strong delegation. The event was grand.

The various speakers who took the podium advocated peace and social cohesion.

In his statement, the village chief of Moussodougou hinted that he came to the fruit capital of Burkina to express his gratitude and appreciation to his older brother Massa Traoré, village chief of Orodara who had also visited him in December 2022.

According to him, it was fashionable for him to move Orodara to thank him verbally for his approach.

An approach strongly praised by the village chief of Orodara Massa Traoré who considers for his part that if Orodara and Moussodougou speak the same language and evolve in the same direction, it is in the best interest of the populations of the two localities.

In turn, he thanked the chief of Moussodougou for his mark of consideration towards him.

At the meeting in Orodara, the two leaders invited their respective populations to cultivate tolerance, solidarity, forgiveness and social cohesion which are the cardinal values of our society for a lasting peace.

In addition, they spoke about the degrading state of the road which joins Orodara to Moussodougou.

Thus, they requested the support of the daughters and sons of Orodara and Moussodougou for the rehabilitation of this road.

Source: Burkina Information Agency