Kayihura rebukes spies over Besigye escape


KAMPALA: The Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura, has lashed out at intelligence officers for failing to detect movements of former Forum for Democratic Change president Kizza Besigye.

The police chief, speaking out on the incident for the first time, observed that it was embarrassing for cops to keep vigil at Dr Besigye’s home thinking he had been confined, then he suddenly appears on city streets after beating the security cordon.

“If the crime intelligence was effective and efficient, Besigye wouldn’t be escaping from his home and he goes to the city centre to cause chaos,” Gen Kayihura said during the pass out ceremony for intelligence officers at Masindi Police Training School, Kabalye.

The IGP said the intelligence officers had shown some laxity. “We normally get information that Besigye is planning to cause chaos in the city, but all of a sudden you hear that Besigye is in town. Then I begin to ask myself, where are my crime intelligence officers. If we had good crime intelligence officers, you could easily detect this. You are supposed to be at the heart of every operation, riots and strike,” Gen Kayihura said.

For several times, Dr Besigye has been able to beat heavy police surveillance around his home and participate in protests in Kampala streets.

Gen Kayihura said intelligence officers do not gather credible information but concentrate on running after illegal immigrants, whom they extort money from.

“The work of crime intelligence is to support [Directorate of] Operations or me in decision making, but crime intelligence officers are busy looking for illegal aliens instead of support me in decision making or Operations. I have never received any Intelligence information from crime intelligence. I have my own Intelligence I receive information from, process it and act on it,” he said.

Intelligence officers, in their memorandum, asked the police management to reinstate their clothing allowance which had been scrapped two years ago.

Each intelligence officer is entitled to Shs280,000 annually to buy plain clothes he wears during operations.

Gen Kayihura ordered the logistics directorate to reinstate the allowances.

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