Katikkiro preaches co-existence on Ankole tour

By: Rajab Mukombozi, Alfred Tumushabe and Alex Taremwa

Mbarara: The Katikkiro of Buganda has appealed to the Baganda outside Buganda to stick to their cultural values but co-exist peacefully with other tribes wherever they are spread. Mr Charles Peter Mayiga said this while meeting the Baganda living in Ankole and Kigezi sub-regions in Mbarara Town at the weekend.

He advised the Baganda to live like the Jews who scattered all over the world but have never forgotten their background and culture wherever they are living even in America.

Mr Mayiga hailed the Baganda who spread to Ankole and Kigezi more than 100 years ago for having not forgotten their background, and urged them to teach their children their culture and traditions.

The Katikkiro said there is a need for tolerance, respect and harmonious living among tribes in order to have peace that will usher prosperity and development in the country.

“We need peace and respect for another. Who will be able to work when there is no peace, who will build Ankole when there is no peace?”

He hailed the natives in the region for being tolerant to the Baganda for all these years. He said history has it that since Baganda came to live in Ankole and Kigezi, there has never been a conflict among them but have learnt and copied from each other.

He, however, noted there are at times misunderstandings or disagreements on politics and religion but cautioned that this should not bring disunity among them.

The visit was also meant to fundraise money for reconstruction of Kasubi Tombs and Shs84.1 million was collected.

The Mbarara Mayor, Mr Wilson Tumwiine, hailed Mr Mayiga for the tremendous achievements of crusading for development, promoting unity and cooperation in and outside Buganda in the short period he has been in office.

“You are just new in this office but what you have done so far is very amazing, we are very impressed by your works and we ready to rally behind,’’ Mr Tumwiine said.

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