Kabaka calls for probe into rampant murders (Daily Monitor (Uganda))

Kampala. Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II has condemned what he described as an escalation of murder cases specifically in Buganda Kingdom.
“We condemn these murder cases and they should stop. These murder cases have created fear among both parents and children,” Kabaka Mutebi said during the opening of the 23rd Lukiiko (parliament) session at Bulange-Mengo yesterday.
“Parents can no longer allow their children to play like it was in the past and children are growing up in fear and suspicion. Any person who grows up in such a situation never has a good life,” he added.
The Kabaka ordered his chiefs right from the village level to coordinate with the police to investigate and fight the murders in their respective communities, observing that such acts are against Buganda’s tradition.
The monarch also described as “worrying” the recruitment of young people from Uganda to work abroad. “Our people are enticed and taken to foreign lands where they are made to work as slaves and sometimes even get killed. We warn all people not to be hoodwinked through promises of money only for them to be taken to unspecified places. It is important to consult elders and organisations working with other countries.”
He called for the strengthening of the youth empowerment programmes. “Youth empowerment programmes must be strengthened so that the youth are not enticed only to be taken into slavery.”
While opening the 22nd Lukiiko session at Bulange-Mengo last year, the Kabaka challenged members to ensure that all the issues and programmes discussed and passed during their sittings are implemented to benefit his subjects.

Crime statistics
The Kabaka’s message comes at a time when the country has witnessed killing of Muslim clerics. A report released by the police last week indicated that crime was at a five-year record high, with murders by shooting rising from 131 in 2013 to 158 cases last year.