Invaders torch village house and slash crops in Ibanda

Police in Ibanda district are hunting for a criminal gang believed to have torched a house and slashed crops in Mashuri II village, Bisheshe Division in Ibanda municipality on Wednesday.

The mud and wattle house that was burned belonged to 30-year-old Robert Gumisiriza.

His neighbours — Jona Kobusingye and Godfrey Tumusiime — had their vanilla, cassava and banana crops cut down during the invasion by the unknown criminals.

As he named those affected, Ibanda district CID officer Andrew Ainembabazi also said the Police have ramped up surveillance in the area in pursuit of the suspects.

The village LCI chairperson, Godwin Tumusiime, suspects that a one Deo and his criminal gang of about five youths are likely the ones behind the attack.

Tumisiime claimed that the group have been terrorizing the community by stealing livestock, vanilla and bananas from residents.

When or if caught, the suspects will be charged with arson and destruction of property.

Gumisiriza, whose house was set on fire, claimed that the runaway gang tried to attack him while at a housewarming party on Tuesday night. He alleged they vowed to "finish" him off.

Without giving specifics, he admitted he had a misunderstanding with Deo in recent weeks.

Kobusingye, whose 10 banana plants were cut down by the invaders, said she had no conflict with anyone and therefore wondered why she had been targeted.

In the wake of the attack, resident Emmanuelina Ariganyira urged the authorities to increase their security presence in the area, saying that many criminals are moving around scot-free.

The area leaders and other stakeholders said they are determined to banish the suspected notorious gang from their village.

Source: New Vision

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