Indian Electronics Expo Targets EAC (

ELECRAMA the world’s largest one stop-shop for electricals and industrial electronics has called on entrepreneurs, companies, energy ministries and agencies in East Africa, to take part in the ELECRAMA – 2016 expo due for February 13th to 17th in Bengaluru India and harness opportunities there.

The organisers said ELECRAMA is an important platform for a world view on technology, best practices, new systems and forecasting the trends in the future of electricity held once in two years. Bengaluru or Bangalore is India’s technology hub on the south east coast.

Addressing guests recently, Aaditya R Dhoot, Chairman, ELECRAMA said: “ELECRAMA-2016 is an ideal venue for industry professionals, business people, technologies, policy makers, academia and students to come together on a single platform and share experiences, technologies and opportunities within the energy sector.”

He said ELECRAMA has not come to only take from Africa, but also give to Africa.

Dhoot said ELECRAMA wants to become partners in progress with Uganda and wants to connect with other East African countries to establish working relations that allow ELECRAMA to offer training, technology transfer and technical expertise as well as provide financial support to the electricity and energy sector players within East Africa. He said the world is moving leaps and bounds in leveraging technology in all facets of electricity and interestingly, India happens to be in the epicentre of this threshold change, given her phenomenal electricity infrastructure ramp up through traditional generation, transmission and alternate modes using renewables linked to micro and nano grids.

“All topics relevant to global electricity have found resonance in the Indian context, right from UHV 1200kV to rural micro grids in electricity. India is truly the microcosmic representative of the diversity of challenges and solutions that exists in the global electricity sector.” Dhoot added.

Dr. Frank Sebbowa, Executive Director, Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) said India remains a source of director foreign investment to Uganda. He said bilateral trade between the two countries earned Uganda Ush12 billion (about $3.2 million) last year. He however observed that though Uganda earns between Ush13-14b each year from import-export trade with India, most of money was a result of imports and that the country is planning to do a reverse by exporting more to India.

Sebbowa informed the guests that 84% of Uganda’s population do not have access to electricity. He said though this appears a challenge, it is also an opportunity that entrepreneurs, companies and industry professionals from India can harness.

“Government has prioritised the development of both hydro and renewable energy in Uganda; in that case, very many opportunities exist in engineering, construction, procurement and supply of equipment. I therefore invite you to come and invest in the Pearl of Africa.” Sebbowa said.

He encouraged Indian and Ugandan entrepreneurs to setup business together to break the myths that they hold against each other if they want to benefit from the energy sector.

The High Commissioner of India to Uganda, Dr A.V.S Ramesh Chandra said his government has offered to support Uhuru hydro project with about $350 million to $400m.

He pointed out that Indian companies have come off age in terms of organization and delivery of quality work and that Uganda is better off dealing with Indian companies because the country can be assure of value for money. Chandra said the commission is ready to offer any form of help to Ugandan companies willing to participate in ELECRAME-2016.

African electricity scenario according to ELECRAMA shows that, Africa will need to add around 250GW of capacity by 2030 to meet demand growth at an additional $450b in power sector investment.


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